3 Last-Minute Father’s Day CBD Gifts He’ll Love

Haven’t been on the ball with the gift-giving as of late? Dad won’t blame you if his Father’s Day gift is a little late this year. Make up for it by giving him something he could really use: relaxation. In this time of heightened anxiety, sleeplessness and even pain, mintedLeaf CBD oil gifts offer some relief.

Whether he’s working hard, job hunting or retired (and watching his stocks take a dip), he’ll appreciate the thought. Our suggestion? Bundle all three of these affordable CBD products into one wow-worthy surprise.

1.CBD Tincture

If you get only one CBD gift for dad, this is the one. mintedLeaf’s all-natural CBD tinctures are incredibly versatile as far as how many benefits they have as well as how they can be taken. Dad can take one directly using the tincture’s dropper or add it to a daily drink or soup. The benefits range from supporting better sleep to lessening anxiety and making you feel better overall.

For The Novice Dad

Is he new to CBD? Start here with our popular 500mg hemp oil tincture. (Hint: Goes well in a breakfast smoothie…or with a side of bacon.)

For The Experienced Dad

Our highest concentration of hemp extract in one sweet bottle, this 1500mg hemp oil steps up his CBD game. He’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Recognizing that everyone is different and bodies operate with varying needs, mintedLeaf also offers a few other dosages, including 250mg, 750mg and 1000mg.

To note, CBD tinctures cannot get you high. CBD does not have psychoactive properties.  Those who are very sensitive may feel quite relaxed, others sleepy, however. Others still may not “feel” anything outright. It really depends on the individual. When a CBD-novice dad opens his tincture gift, tell him to start slow and see how he feels before working his way up.

2. CBD Soft Gel 

This tiny pick-me-up packs a CBD wellness punch with 25mg of full-spectrum hemp oil. It’s a great compliment to a tincture or can be used on its own and tacked onto a daily supplement routine. One thing that people love about a CBD soft gel is that it’s flavorless—perfect for the dad who has sensitive tastebuds. It is also easy to travel with, for when he begins traveling again.

3. CBD Topical Pain Relief

It’s safe to say that every dad has some type of pain that he deals with. The father who is an athlete or workout fiend definitely has some regular muscle aches or a potentially aggravated old injury from back in the day. And the older guys might be dealing with arthritis creeping in on a knee or fingers. Not to mention the all-too-common back pain from, er, a little weight gain. Or, neck strain due to working at a computer all day.

No matter what kind of discomfort your dad may feel, he could benefit from a topical pain relief product with CBD. He might not even know that this is an option for him! mintedLeaf offers a wide range of types of topical CBD, from roll-ons to creams to gels. Also choose from cooling or heating sensations, or our odorless formulation.

Shop Karibo Life for our high quality, all natural CBD wellness products.

Wishing you all the best on your last-minute Father’s Day CBD gift hunt!

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