5 Essential Skin Care Tips with KARIBO Beauty

No time or budget to hit the spa? Here are five fantastic skin care tips that will go a long way to keeping your skin looking fabulous and you feeling like your best self.

  1. Soften Feet and Hands

The product: KARIBO CBD Infused Moisturizing Cream

The skin care tip: Get rid of dry hands and feet by applying KARIBO CBD Infused Moisturizing Cream liberally before bed. Top it off with your favorite spa socks and gloves to keep the moisturizing ingredients contained, and hit the pillow! The next morning, your feet and hands will feel extra soft. If your feet are very dry, use a pumice stone in the shower to remove skin that has been softened overnight. Repeat this at-home treatment the next night if needed; otherwise, practice this ritual once per week.

  1. Take Care of the Décolletage

The product: KARIBO CBD Infused Facial Moisturizer

The skin care tip: Décolletage is a fancy French word that sums up the area directly below a woman's face, including the neck, shoulders and upper chest. Whenever using moisturizer on the face, it's a good practice to extend the gentle application to this delicate area, too, because as the face ages so does the neck and chest. And you don't need to limit this practice to just your moisturizer—feel free to use your serums or other skin care here as well. This is a small move to help maintain youthful skin in the long run.

  1. Give Yourself a Massage

The product: KARIBO CBD Infused Hand & Body Lotion

The skin care tip: Schedules are busy and budgets are tight, and so, it's not always easy to fit in as much self care as we'd like (and deserve!). One pretty simple way to treat yourself without going to a spa is to do your own little weekly massage at home using our CBD Infused Hand and Body Lotion. Start at the neck and shoulders and work your way down your body all the way to your toes. Take your time massaging each joint, hitting pressure points and using firm upward strokes on arms and legs. You can do this while watching TV or spa-it-up with some soft music and lavender-scented aromatherapy.

  1. Extend a Mask Treatment

The product: KARIBO CBD Infused Face Mask

The skin care tip: Our hydrating CBD Infused Face Mask feels like a luxurious at-home facial. Get more out of your experience with an extra step... Instead of throwing out the packaging after applying the sheet mask, hold onto it until you remove the sheets from your face 20-30 minutes after applying them. Then, extend your mask treatment by squeezing the excess serum from the packaging and massaging it into your face, neck, chest and shoulders for an extra hydrating boost. Voila—two masks in one!

  1. Use Your Refrigerator

The product: KARIBO CBD Infused Hydrating Gel

The skin care tip: Does your skin tend to get red and easily inflamed? One great way to get an extra-refreshing and cooling application with a gel skin care product, such as our CBD Infused Hydrating Gel, is to store it in the fridge. This feels particularly great after a hard workout, a hot day or a night out on the town!