6 Ways CBD Can Help You Cope with Stress During Quarantine

The current quarantine situation is a drag for some and seriously anxiety inducing for others. Lives have changed overnight and everyone is trying to adapt quickly and live a new normal, putting on a brave face for family members and still trying to find enjoyment in the everyday amidst fear and discomfort.

It’s no wonder why CBD products are showing a spike in online sales at the moment. Their mind-body benefits may be able to give you just the lift, the relief or the calm that you need to get through it all.

The following self-care and healthy living tips from Shana Lydle, vice president of MMG Consumer Brands, offer everyone from frontline heroes to busier-than-ever parents to solitary singles some feel-good moments with affordable CBD products right now.

A Mani-Pedi with Your Eyes Closed

The constant 20-second soapy washes and wearing gloves, whether for frontline work or grocery store runs, can really take a toll on hands. And now that we’re several weeks into quarantine, everyone’s pedicure is going into extreme au-naturel mode, dry heels and all.

Since even an at-home mani-pedi might be out of the question for the time-strapped, Lydle offers a simple overnight trick: Apply a thick layer of KARIBO CBD Infused Hand and Body Lotion to hands and feet right before bed. Then, slip on your favorite comfy socks and some cotton gloves to seal in the moisture, and close your eyes. “In the morning, your hands and feet will be good as new!” she says.

Put Your Best (Pain-Free) Feet Forward

Speaking of feet, they might be more sore than usual, too. Health care workers are pulling long days standing on their feet and many people are hitting the walking trails more with fitness studios and gyms shut down. “Topical CBD creams, gels and roll-ons, especially ones with menthol, can really come to the rescue. They are fast-acting,” Lydle says.

When at-home, she recommends massaging mintedLeaf’s Cold Therapy Pain Relief Cream into your feet daily for pain relief and to boost circulation. When on-the-go or a quick, no-mess option is optimal, Lydle suggests using a roll-on such as mintedLeaf Cold Therapy Pain Relief Roll-On. “You can of course also roll it on your neck, lower back, wherever you need it. The mintedLeaf roll-ons dry instantly, work in seconds and are easy to stash in your car or purse.” (All KARIBO and mintedLeaf products are currently deeply discounted online for frontline workers at 70% off with promo code HEROES.)

Mask Your Netflix Binge

Binge-watching Netflix shows at the moment? Why not give yourself an easy at-home CBD facial to calm, smooth and hydrate that stressed skin at the same time? Before the next Ozark episode goes on, Lydle proposes applying KARIBO CBD Infused Face Mask, a highly affordable sheet mask with major skin-plumping action. “Use the time when you are sitting and watching a flick to give back to yourself with a beauty treatment. CBD offers the additional benefit of its skin-soothing properties,” she says.

A Stimulus for Your Face

After long days and/or nights, it might be tough to wake up in the morning. A cool shot of moisturizer can energize both your senses and visage in one. “Put your gel moisturizer in the refrigerator overnight. Apply it after cleansing for a great morning boost for your skin,” says Lydle. She likes KARIBO CBD Infused Hydrating Gel, which does double-duty cooling down inflamed skin that may be irritated from wearing masks all day and flushed skin post-workout.

Quarantea or Quarantini, That Is the Question

Whether a tea or martini is your relaxation potion of choice, adding drops of a CBD tincture can make it extra calming for the ultimate destressing at the end of a long and stressful day. Lydle recommends Full Spectrum Hemp Oil tinctures for a 100% natural, effective CBD tincture. Added bonus: Bedtime bliss. “CBD is known for its sleep-supporting properties, so tinctures can be part of your bedtime routine,” notes Lydle. She suggests setting yourself up for sleep success by meditating or putting on some music, turning off the devices and sipping on calm.

A 5-Minute Immunity Booster

Immune-system-supporting nutrition is of utmost importance right now, but you might be finding fresh produce supplies are limited or avoiding the grocery store at all cost. One great way to pack a lot of nutrients into the day without having to “cook” or rely on fresh produce is making a smoothie with frozen fruits and/or vegetables. Lydle advocates going one step further and adding hemp oil to smoothies to reap the benefits of CBD during the day. “Smoothies with CBD are an easy, quick, immunity-boosting solution,” she says.