Create the Ultimate CBD Bath Experience

Still haven't gotten around to a self-care session lately? Then you are overdue and the time is now. Consider giving yourself at least 30 minutes each week to sit in your bath tub, soak and chillax. It's a lovely before-bed ritual of course, but you don't have to stick to that script—go rogue with a bath lunch break, for instance! Here's everything you need to create the ultimate CBD bath experience at home.

Your CBD Bath Must-Haves

Enhance your bathing experience by bringing in the following:

  1. Take a CBD oil tincture 30 minutes to an hour before your bath to enhance your calm and help wind down.
  2. Create soft lighting. Light a couple of candles and turn off or dim the lights for instant ambiance.
  3. Turn on some relaxing music. Pop on your headphones or place a speaker in the bathroom to induce the kick-back vibes.
  4. Put the phone away and grab a good old-fashioned magazine or book. No worries if it gets a little wet in the process.
  5. Add some aromatherapy bath salts or essential oils to the warm water. (Tip: you can even add a couple droppers of your mintedLeaf CBD tincture into the bath—it's simply CBD oil, plus an essential oil (lemon or mint) and MCT carrier oil.)
  6. Put your CBD skin care such as your CBD body lotion on the vanity countertop for immediate application after your bath.
  7. Place a towel and comfy bathrobe nearby for easy access post-soak.

Now, get in! Take a moment to just be. Close your eyes. Breathe. You did it.

Post-Bath CBD Skin Care for Glowing Skin

One of the best times to apply CBD body lotion and CBD facial products is directly after showering or bathing. "Your skin has the most moisture when it's wet, and that is when moisturizers work best by locking in that hydration. After your shower or bath, water evaporates off your skin quickly, which can leave your skin feeling dry. It is best to apply your body moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp," says Nicole Butera, product development manager for MMG Consumer Brands.

KARIBO's CBD-infused skin care hydrates, calms and smoothes the skin with its pairing of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD with antioxidants and tried-and-true moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid and ceramide.

How KARIBO's Nanoemulsion Technology Enhances

The other thing about KARIBO CBD skin care that makes it especially great to apply after a bath is nanoemulsion, which is a technology that delivers active ingredients through the skin layers for deeper penetration. "You are spending money for the active ingredient CBD and with our cutting-edge technology, we are able to deliver a beautiful, broad-spectrum CBD down into the layers of the skin where it can really do its work as opposed to just sitting on the top layer of the skin where less action can take place," Butera explains.

Tip: Boost your CBD concentration and customize your body lotion by adding 1-3 drops of mintedLeaf Unflavored CBD Oil Tincture (300mg) to your lotion while applying it to the body. "Studies have shown CBD is rich in antioxidants which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and minimize other signs of aging," Butera says.

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