Does CBD Oil Help with Reducing Symptoms of Anxiety?

One of the consequences of living and participating in modern society is that nearly all people experience stress and anxiety. Just perform an internet search for “ways to reduce anxiety,” and you’ll see that there are entire industries dedicated to helping individuals mitigate the effects of stress. Ironically, trying to reduce anxiety can in and of itself be anxiety-inducing. Where do you turn?

If you are one of the millions of individuals who are seeking a natural, healthy, and effective way to alleviate anxiety, you may have researched cannabidiol or CBD. In recent times, CBD has been touted as a miracle drug, with promising research indicating efficacy as a pain reliever, a sleep aid, a topical anti-arthritic treatment — the list goes on. But does CBD help with anxiety? Some scientific studies would answer that it does. 

Stress and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Before you can effectively treat a problem, it’s beneficial to understand what causes it. Your body is engineered to improve performance during stressful times when you require peak performance. Naturally, when you face a life or death situation, the priority is immediate survival, but you can also meet daily stress at home, at work, or at school. On a cellular level, your body has a difficult time discerning between critical stress and day-to-day stress. Cortisol is a steroidal hormone produced by the adrenal gland. It increases glucose in the blood to give you the additional energy you need to “survive” the stressful encounter. It also raises your heart rate and blood pressure. This is one of the reasons that stress has been linked to high blood pressure and heart disease. 

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a continuous state of anxiety that disproportionately affects sufferers across a broad range of scenarios. While it affects both genders, it is twice as prevalent in females as it is in males. The symptoms of GAD include shortness of breath, upset stomach, fatigue, headaches, irritability, poor sleep, and more. 

How CBD Can Alleviate Anxiety

One of the ways that your body mitigates the effects of cortisol is by producing more serotonin, which is a hormone produced by the brain and intestines. Serotonin stabilizes mood, emotions, etc. CBD has an unusual relationship with serotonin. Contrary to popular belief, CBD doesn’t artificially raise your serotonin levels. CBD does, however, affect the way your body responds to its natural serotonin levels. This is an important distinction between CBD and serotonin-raising drugs, which could result in the inability of your body to produce serotonin without them. 

Benefits of CBD Oil for Stress and Anxiety

Because CBD can enhance the effects of serotonin in your body, it can be mood-elevating. Unlike the case with THC, which is a closely related but discrete chemical found in cannabis plants, CBD will not make you feel high. It will not cloud your perceptions. For this reason, you should be able to use CBD regularly and during activities that require your full attention. Some of the practical benefits of CBD Oil include improved sleep, improved appetite, elevated mood, and a reduction in anxiety. 

Using CBD Oil as an Anxiety Treatment

There are several ways to ingest CBD, but one of the most direct methods is oral ingestion. CBD oil can be consumed sublingually (under the tongue) for rapid digestion through the body. One study published in the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry found virtually no difference in anxiety reduction among subjects who consumed 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg of pure CBD, but that the administration of CBD was beneficial to the test subjects. Our CBD-infused stress and anxiety relief oils and softgels are prepared for 25-milligram doses so that users can modulate their dosages. 

How to Buy CBD Oil for Reducing Anxiety

Before you purchase CBD products to treat your anxiety, you should familiarize yourself with the types of CBD that are commercially available, the laws in your state regarding CBD distribution, and the processes for making CBD. 

It’s important to note that CBD has not received FDA approval as an anti-anxiety treatment. There are numerous methods that are used to produce CBD, and some of those techniques allow adulterants to be mixed in with the product. The following are the three types of CBD that are commercially available on the market. 

Full-Spectrum CBD 

This type of CBD can be derived from either the hemp plant or the cannabis plant. Because hemp has a much higher concentration of CBD, most companies prefer to extract CBD from the hemp plant. By law, the level of THC in full-spectrum CBD has to be under .03%. Full-spectrum CBD also includes terpenes, flavonoids, and of course, CBD. The full range of chemicals often results in the “entourage” effect, which means that the effect is greater than the sum of its parts. With full-spectrum CBD, there is a slight chance that could fail the THC portion of a drug test. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD 

Usually derived from hemp plants to help avoid higher concentrations of THC, broad-spectrum CBD also has terpenes and flavonoids, but only trace amounts of THC. Unlike full-spectrum CBD, tiny amounts of THC mean that you are unlikely to fail a drug test.

CBD Isolate 

This is the purest form of CBD. It must be 99.9% CBD and only have trace amounts of other chemicals. Because of the repeated purifications, CBD isolate or “isolate CBD” production is more expensive than other means of procuring CBD from hemp plants. Unless you require CBD isolate, we recommend taking advantage of the lower price of full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. 

Karibo has several different types of CBD oils. We use the preferred carbon dioxide (CO2) method to ensure a pure, unadulterated product. 

Methods of CBD Extraction

There are several ways to extract CBD from hemp and marijuana plants. Because our objective is producing CBD, Karibo uses only the finest hemp plants, which are rich in CBD. The labs we employ use the (CO2) method, which we believe is one of the cleanest methods of extraction. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas at room temperature. This process uses pressure and temperature to liquefy CO2 gas. The hemp plant is placed in a CO2 solvent, separating CBD and other chemicals from the hemp plants. The chemicals then go through a further purification process, resulting in either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oils. 

Solvent extraction works similarly, but instead of clean CO2, this process uses chemicals that strip chlorophyll, CBD, and other chemicals from the hemp or cannabis plant. While it is cheaper than CO2 extraction, it can also leave chemical solvents in the CBD product. 

Steam distillation is still another method that is commonly used in CBD extraction. Steam passes through the hemp or marijuana plant and condenses in another receptacle. The water is then removed from the plants’ chemicals. This process is much more common with full-spectrum CBD production. 

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD and Anxiety

The following questions have been asked by customers and potential customers. For answers to your questions, contact Karibo today.

What CBD Dosage Is Recommended to Reduce Anxiety?

Because everyone is different, we recommend using CBD oils and CBD geltabs in moderation. If you’ve never used CBD before, you should start with the minimum dosage and determine whether you need to increase from there. Always contact your physician prior to introducing a new regimen.

What Type of CBD Products Do You Recommend for Stress? 

At Karibo, we sell a broad line of CBD health and wellness products for various treatments and conditions. Our products include oils, full-spectrum softgels, roll-ons, and lotions. For anxiety, oral consumption is the preferred method of ingestion, which means CBD oil softgels or one of our CBD oil tinctures.

Is Getting High Part of Destressing?

You may experience some of the anti-anxiety benefits that CBD offers when you consume THC in conjunction with CBD, but your anxiety reduction does not depend on THC. By itself, CBD can reduce your stress levels and decrease your anxiety. In this respect, it does a much better job than THC.

Karibo Life CBD Products

Karibo is your go-to source for CBD health and wellness products. Our CBD oil is processed in FDA-registered, cGMP-compliant facilities, ensuring that you get the finest products available. Order your anti-anxiety CBD oils today and enjoy better sleep, improved appetite, and more.

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