Heavy Makeup for Zoom Calls? CBD Facial Products Save Face

Let’s be real—every woman could do without all the Zoom calls. Amiright?! The fun of WFH is that you didn’t have to get dolled up every day. But add all the video calls into the mix and you may even be amping up your makeup routine like you’re a Kardashian prepping for a filming of KUWTK simply so you simply don’t look like a creature from the underworld. With all that extra makeup can come skin irritation and clogged pores, which means it’s a good idea to give your skin a little more TLC than usual. Here’s what KARIBO beauty insider Shana Lydle recommends doing before applying makeup, for removing your makeup and to save your skin with CBD facial products.

Prep Work with CBD Facial Products

Hydrated skin feels and looks better under concealer and foundation, which can easily flake and not apply smoothly if the skin is dry. “I find prepping the skin for a heavier makeup application will create an awesome canvas for long-lasting looks,” says Lydle. “Make sure to hydrate your skin with a gentle face moisturizer so the makeup applies nicely against the skin.” One to try: CBD Facial Moisturizer pairs beautiful ceramides with hyaluronic acid to plump and replenish your skin’s moisture barrier. “Having a great moisturizing routine will also help prevent irritation when you remove heavy makeup because your skin will remain hydrated.”

Cleanse Your Face, Then Do It Again

Lydle recommends starting with what’s called a “pre-cleanse” with a facial oil. “I find oil helps lift the makeup off without irritation.” With clean, dry hands, rub the face cleansing oil over your face, including under and over your eyelids. It might feel weird to rub oil on your face, but trust us, it’s helping unlock that makeup from your skin. Next, splash your face with water and gently use a wet washcloth over your face. Finally, wash with your regular face cleanser to remove any remaining makeup residue.

If you are really opposed to using an oil as your first cleanser or don’t want to go out and buy one at this moment, Lydle suggests double-cleansing with your favorite product. Basically, a solo wash isn’t going to cut it.

Post-Cleanse Perfection

Seal the deal on your cleansing routine by swiping your face with a toner on a cotton pad. “This will make sure you have lifted off all the makeup and dirt that could hang around and cause breakouts,” Lydle says. A clean face means less chance of a pimple popping up this week. Who needs that on top of everything else that’s going on?

Finally, re-apply your CBD facial moisturizer. Its broad-spectrum hemp oil will help to calm and soothe the skin that may be stressed from the makeup’s invasion.

This is also a great routine to follow if you are planning on wearing heavy makeup for Halloween. The trick-or-treating might not be happening this year but it’s still fun to get into the spirit if only to scare the snickers out of your kids or friends.

Anyway, we’re hopeful that the good old phone call will reemerge in the future, but for now, good luck with those Zooms!

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