How to Achieve Your 2020 Wellness Goals with CBD

It’s new year, new you time! Looking to make some changes to your wellness this year, such as a better sleep routine, more exercise, healthier eating habits and more? How are you planning to follow through on your healthy lifestyle goals? Here, our experts weigh in on the best ways to tackle your 2020 wellness goals with CBD and more.

1. Goal: Find a Regular Workout Routine That Sticks

The key to finding a regular workout routine that you follow through with this year is choosing one that you actually like. Is being outside your thing? Does fresh air motivate you to move your feet? Then, start with walks or runs on your neighborhood walking paths during the week and perhaps nearby hiking trails on the weekends. Or, do you need a studio environment to encourage a sweat session? See what’s available around where you live or work. Whether it’s yoga, spin, CrossFit, barre or another type of workout, select the exercise that you are going to enjoy the most.

Not really sure what you like yet? Then, experiment not only with the type of classes but also the instructors to see what and whom you prefer. Start slow with a few workouts per week and manage your expectations. Like everything in life, getting “good” at exercising takes time!

mintedLeaf tip: A solid workout, especially if you’re just getting back into the swing of things, is bound to leave your muscles sore. In most cases, this a good thing—it means your muscles are being used and gaining strength. Still, it might feel so great! mintedLeaf topical pain products can help ease sore muscles from workouts. 

 2. Goal: Get Better Sleep and Feel More Rested

Getting better sleep is mostly about your sleep routine and your bedroom environment. When you’re used to doing things a certain way before shutting your eyes, though, it can be difficult to break the cycle. For a healthier sleep routine, do everything you can to wind down and prepare the body and mind for snoozing. This includes turning off and tuning out of electronics, such as TVs, cell phones and iPads for about an hour before closing your eyes. These devices and the blue light that they emit can have a significant effect on getting a good night’s sleep. Instead, dim the lights in your room and read a book. Or, take a warm bath or shower followed by a little skin-care self-care with CBD lotion.

As for your bedroom environment, turn your attention to your mattress, pillows and sheets. Is everything comfortable and supportive? If it’s been a long while since you’ve updated your pillows, it might be time for new ones. Also make sure the temperature in the room is conducive to sleep. Experts recommend a cooler room in the 60s for optimal sleep.

mintedLeaf tip: Another aspect of getting a good night’s rest is feeling calm. Stress can really do a number on your shuteye—it can prevent you from falling asleep or wake you up in the middle of the night. Some people experience a sense of calm when using CBD, such as 25mg broad spectrum CBD oil softgels or CBD tinctures, before bed or during the day.

If you have chronic sleep issues, see your doctor.

3. Goal: Clean Up Beauty and Grooming Products

Switching to nontoxic beauty products is an excellent goal for 2020 that is easily achievable. These days, there are so many wonderful products to choose from for every aspect of your grooming routine. From shampoos and conditioners to makeup, skin care and deodorants, technology and formulations have advanced in all categories of nontoxic beauty. And you are no longer limited to buying high-priced, cleaner beauty products from department stores or boutique retailers; there are now options at drugstores, your favorite large retailers and more near you.

If you’re not in the position to get rid of and replace ALL your regular beauty products at once, then start by swapping out the products that you use most regularly, such as a facial moisturizer, body cream and deodorant. Any changes make a big difference.

4. Goal: Develop Healthier Eating Habits

The number one thing you can do to develop healthier eating habits in 2020 is to eat more whole foods and ditch the processed stuff. Start by going through your pantry, fridge and cabinets, and eliminate unhealthy items. Remove packaged foods that have a lot of added sugars (including juice) and are high in sodium (think: canned soups). Sure, it’s unrealistic to completely eliminate ALL processed foods, such as crackers and pasta, but you can switch those items to more healthful options, such as chickpea pasta and whole grain crackers. Next, load up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins at most meals. Choose organic, grass fed and pasture-raised whenever possible. Don’t worry about counting calories to start; put the focus on eating whole foods and drinking a lot of water.

If you need help or this process feels overwhelming, seek out a registered dietician to come up with a plan and to better guide you to find alternative options and meal plans that work for you and your family.

mintedLeaf tip: Support your body’s overall balance with all-natural CBD tinctures derived from USA-grown hemp. mintedLeaf’s tinctures are all 100% natural, containing only phytocannabinoid-rich, full-spectrum hemp oil, peppermint essential oil and a medium-chain triglyceride carrier oil that has fatty acid benefits.

5. Goal: Begin Meditating to Reduce Stress

We love this goal! Meditating has a host of proven mind and body benefits, so adding this to your daily routine is a great step in reducing stress and supporting overall wellness. Pick a time of day—either first thing in the morning before your family is up and about or right before bed tend to be good times for most people. Find a quiet room and sit with your back upright against a pillow, or sit on a pillow on the floor without back support. Place your hands on your thighs and breathe. Take at least 5-10 minutes (set a timer if needed) and concentrate on taking deep breaths in and out. Your mind will wander. Each time you catch it wandering, bring it back to concentrate on your breath. As 5-10 minutes becomes manageable, you can extend the time for your meditation. 

There are also meditation apps you can download to help guide you through the meditation in the amount of time you have available to meditate. Sometimes people find an app helpful in jumpstarting a meditation routine.

mintedLeaf tip: Even if you don’t notice any stress-relief changes right away, keep at it. You will over time. Another way to support stress relief efforts is by taking a daily dose of CBD. Start with a low dosage, such as our 250mg or 500mg (per bottle) CBD oils, and see how you feel before increasing the amount.

We wish you a wonderful year! If we can help you achieve your 2020 wellness goals with CBD, please let us know. We hope these tips have been helpful to begin your new year wellness journey. Good luck!