The Best Anti-Aging Face Creams

Youthful skin is smooth, hydrated and toned. Dry, tired skin can appear older than it is. CBD moisturizers with thoughtful hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides, promote radiant skin by removing dryness and helping plump up the skin, naturally smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Below, discover the best anti-aging moisturizing ingredients and why, as well as the best, most affordable CBD anti-aging face creams that don’t compromise on quality.

The Best Anti-Aging Moisturizing Ingredients

To select the best CBD anti-aging face creams, you first need to know what to look for on their ingredient lists. Choose a brand that doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates and other irritating and bad-for-you ingredients. Irritation can make skin look red, the opposite of what you want your anti-aging moisturizer to do! Next, look for these key ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid helps skin attract and retain moisture. This key molecule involved in skin moisture is found naturally within the skin. In attracting and retaining hydration for the skin, it automatically helps it combat the signs of aging. When used topically, hyaluronic acid has been shown to improve skin elasticity and boost skin firmness. 
  • Ceramides hold the skin together and form a protective layer to help prevent moisture loss and visible damage from environmental stressors. This is where their anti-aging properties lie. Without enough ceramides, the skin’s barrier can become compromised, leading to dryness, itching and irritation. Using a moisturizer with ceramide will help increase skin hydration and improve its barrier function.
  • Broad-spectrum hemp oil is an antioxidant  that has inherent anti-aging properties. By counteracting free-radical damage and reducing the look of inflammation, the CBD in hemp oil can lessen issues like fine lines, skin dullness and red skin tone, which is also very common with aging. Plus, the linoleic acid and oleic acids found in hemp oil can help with overall skin health.
  • Aloe vera is also an antioxidant, and has been used for centuries for its skin-supporting benefits. These include combatting free radicals that can damage the skin and improving collagen production and skin elasticity.

Two CBD Anti-Aging Moisturizers to Try

KARIBO CBD skin care products focus on hydration because it’s what every skin type needs (yes, even oily skin!). And it is most essential for those who are looking for anti-aging benefits from their skin care. The following are two gentle CBD moisturizers that help make your skin glow.

Good for all skin types: KARIBO CBD Facial Moisturizer 

Our ceramide facial moisturizer is infused with aloe, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, delivering intense all-day hydration for all skin types. The silky formula helps to heal dryness and soothes with aloe, hydrating ceramides and with calming and restoring hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD for a smooth, non-greasy application that won’t clog pores. It restores your skin’s balance, leaving it soft and smooth.

Best for oily skin types: KARIBO CBD Hydrating Gel

Our weightless water-based gel infuses the skin with intense, but lightweight hydration. It absorbs instantly to quench dry skin without leaving behind any tacky residue. This water gel formula includes calming and restoring hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD to help balance the skin and hyaluronic acid, which draws in moisture, plumping fine lines and encouraging a youthful glow. The result: beautifully smooth and hydrated skin.

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