The Best At-Home Pedicures with CBD Body Lotion

Whether or not you're venturing into your local nail salon these days, you can create a relaxing at-home pedicure with CBD body lotion to treat your feet every week at home. Create a coveted at-home pedi with these tools, products, technique and reflexology with CBD moisturizer (see the video below!) for extra foot repair. 

Must-Have Pedicure Tools

Before starting your new weekly routine, make sure you have the right arsenal of pedicure tools at your disposal. Your basic kit is going to include a nail file, nail clippers, cuticle tool, nail polish remover and nail polish (if you wear it), a manual exfoliator and a lotion. To take the experience up a notch, add in a relaxing essential oil such as lavender, exfoliating scrub, cuticle oil, nail-buffing block and make that lotion a CBD body lotion!

At-Home Pedicure Technique

Start your ultimate at-home pedicure by removing any nail polish you may have on your toes. Then, soak your feet in warm water that has a few drops of your essential oil. To do this, use either a large bowl or your bath tub. Next, once softened, take care of the cuticles by pushing them back with the cuticle tool and cleaning under the nails.

Now turn your attention to dry spots and calluses. Use your manual exfoliator to shed dead skin on any major dry areas followed by an exfoliating scrub to soften the skin on feet and ankles. Rinse off and follow by trimming and filing nails. Next, rub cuticle oil into your nail beds to keep those moisturized and healthy.

Ready for the best part? The massage, of course! It's always lovely to have someone else give you a foot massage, but your body can reap the relaxation and foot-soothing benefits of a self-massage as well. Apply a liberal amount of moisturizer. This is where your KARIBO CBD cream comes into play...

CBD Body Lotion for Feet

Using a CBD infused hand and body lotion in your pedi amps up the relaxing self-care regimen. First, the THC-free CBD oil itself is moisturizing, as is the aloe vera, jojoba and vitamin E. What's more, the broad-spectrum CBD in the lotion may interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating several different functions in the body. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which are always good qualities to have when it comes to the feet! (Celebrities are applying CBD cream, too—it's a whole thing.)

Calming Foot Reflexology Massage


On the above episode of KARIBO Beauty 101, beauty insider Shana Lydle spotlights a KARIBO's CBD Moisturizing Cream. This refreshing formula contains CBD for sore feet as well as ultra-hydrating ceramide and aloe for massage relief. Check out her recommended reflexology technique and why she loves this product.

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