The Hottest 2020 CBD Beauty Product Trends

2019 was a busy year in CBD beauty, and 2020 is looking like it will be even busier! CBD—the cannabis compound that won’t get you high—is growing in popularity. So, what do we predict is in store for the year ahead? Here, we explore the hottest CBD beauty product trends.

Beauty Categories Grow

There is a broad range of CBD wellness brands spanning across every healthy lifestyle category. From food and beverage to supplements, hemp extract is everywhere. In 2019, we saw an increase in the CBD beauty category. Beauty brands began adding one or two lone CBD-infused products, such as a CBD body oil or bath bomb, to their repertoire. A few purely CBD beauty brands emerged. What we haven't seen much of yet are true, 100% CBD skin care brands. We do predict that this will change in 2020 and the coming years. KARIBO is proud to be a pioneer in the category of quality hemp oil skin care. Our CBD skin care products are crafted with topnotch science and skin care formulations.

Proof Becomes Essential

When CBD first was legalized and exploded on the market, it seemed like everyone and their mother were creating the latest CBD wellness product. (Because they were.) We are now at a point where the dust is settling a bit, so to speak. Consumers are becoming savvier about CBD and hemp oil, and looking for quality products. The CBD brands who have taken the legal avenues all along and who have created products that are transparent and legit are now standing out from the crowd. One of the ways CBD beauty brands are distinguishing themselves from subpar competitors is through providing third-party testing. 

The CBD Source is Significant

Consumers are slowly catching on to the news that the majority of the world's hemp is grown in China. A New Frontier Data report says China is the world leader in hemp cultivation. Buying cheap hemp extract products from China unfortunately could pose some risk to consumers due to the possibilities of heavy metal contamination, cheap carrier oils and higher than the U.S. legal limit (<0.3%) of THC concentrations in them. As people become more knowledgable about CBD and its origins, they are naturally choosing U.S. brands who use domestically grown hemp extract in their products. This, along with the third-party testing, is the only way to make sure CBD beauty products are of premium quality. What's more, just like the farm-to-table and eating local movements in food, CBD beauty buyers are interested in supporting "Made in the America" products and smaller domestic businesses. KARIBO CBD-infused skin care products are created in the U.S. and only use CBD from domestic hemp farms with the highest standards of practice. 

CBD Demographics Expand

CBD beauty is no longer "just a millenial thing." Forty year olds, seventy-somethings and more are now just as interested in using hemp extract beauty products as their much younger counterparts. It could be that they've already reaped the benefits of pain relief & recovery CBD cream or hemp oil tinctures and are open to exploring another CBD category. The subject has been a focus in the news and beauty magazines, and people are generally just becoming more comfortable with CBD and therefore trying out CBD-infused products. We've noticed the same trend here at KARIBO, where our customers are wide-ranging in ages—and also household incomes. While we certainly have many young customers who love our paraben-, phthalate, gluten- and sulfate-free products, older customers with more sensitive skin are also loving how gentle and soothing they are. We're happy to be able to offer quality CBD skin care products specializing in hydrating and smoothing the skin that work for all skin types (and budgets!).

Spas and Salons Catch On

Both salons and spas are embracing the CBD beauty category in their retail spaces and in their treatments. Many are incorporating hemp oil skin care products into specialized menu offerings, such as a calming facial or ultra-relaxing body service. Some are also noticing the ingredient's benefits in post-treatment recovery to calm redness from services like waxing and microblading. We predict this trend takes off even more this year. 

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