Where Does mintedLeaf Hemp Come From?

Here at mintedLeaf, we feel that brand transparency is important. Our goal is always to do the best for our customers, and transparency is part of that. This key tenant not only goes into how we manage customer service, but also how we source and create our ingredients and products. Below, get a behind-the-scenes look at mintedLeaf's good manufacturing and farming practices. Check out what goes into the mintedLeaf CBD oil product process, including where the hemp is harvested, how the oil is extracted, how the third-party oversight works and more.

The mintedLeaf Hemp Journey

The story begins begins at a Colorado farm. With tiny hemp sprouts. Plenty of sunshine. And organic farming best practices. Add: caring farmers who are experts in growing hemp. We couldn't be prouder to source mintedLeaf CBD oil from the best of the best and to provide Made in the USA CBD oil products.

The mintedLeaf CBD Oil Process

Every effort has been made to make mintedLeaf CBD oil the highest quality you will find when buying CBD oil online or in stores. See for yourself how the process unfolds below!

Step 1: Non-GMO hemp grows in fertile soil on Colorado farms that use organic farming practices. The CBD oil supplier owns the farms and has full control of the secure supply chain, ensuring quality control.

Step 2: The aerial parts of the hemp containing the most robust benefits are harvested for the CBD extraction and then transferred to a fully licensed, cGMP-compliant facility that is registered with the FDA. The manufacturer offers advanced and state-of-the-art extraction equipment as well as Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments with internal standard operating procedures. It also maintains the following:
• Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) licensing
• EU Pharmaceutical Manufacturing licensing
• Kosher and Halal certification
• ISO Certified Clean Rooms for processing and R&D development

Another aspect of control is assuring that products are being manufactured in a facility that maintains temperature controlled suites. "This ensures that the CBD is being held in an environment that preserves the integrity of the product.  Extreme heat and cold can potentially alter or degrade the potent benefits of this beautiful plant. We believe in maintaining the integrity of our oil from start to finish by having our oil and end product produced in  temperature controlled environments," says Nicole Butera, product development manager for MMG Consumer Brands.

Step 3: No harsh solvents are administered during the careful CO2 extraction process. Butera explains why CO2 is a great extraction method: "Supercritical CO2 fluid extraction (SCFE) methodology delivers a clean, unaltered and consistent yet flexible oil. It creates a pure, quality oil that is safe and clean. CO2 offers the ability to “tune” the extraction process to target specific compounds such as terpenes (terpenoids) and THC/CBD (cannabinoids) through different operational parameters. CO2 is also a sanitizing agent, prolonging shelf life, and, with the proper system and environment, yields food and medical grade oils. Processes that use toxic solvents may require many hours to purge the solvent trapped in the oil. Carbon-dioxide-based extraction is considered to be more environmentally friendly, considerably safer, cleaner and less toxic than using fossil-fuel-based extraction. Supercritical oil extraction also kills off nasties such as bacteria, mold and other forms of contaminants that could prove problematic for people with already compromised immune systems."

Step 4: Each batch of mintedLeaf’s made-in-the-USA, non-addictive hemp oil undergoes independent third-party testing to verify the purity of the CBD. "We conduct intense third-party testing on every batch of product produced to ensure our products are free from contaminants and toxins, such as pesticides, residual solvents, mold, heavy metals, fungi, and mycotoxins. We also conduct potency testing on every batch to confirm and ensure that our customers are receiving uniform dosing and that our product contains the amount of CBD stated on the bottle," Butera explains. (Customers may later scan a QR code on the products’ packaging to see the tests. 

Step 5: mintedLeaf products are carefully formulated with cutting-edge science. Additional beneficial ingredients, such as essential oils, are combined with the hemp oil. "All of our ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers whom have undergone a supplier qualification program following cGMP guidelines. Our raw materials are tested for identity and the absence of micros and heavy metals," Butera notes.

Step 6: Our mintedLeaf CBD Wellness Products are packaged and reviewed closely to ensure accuracy and transparency for the customer before being available for purchase online and in brick-and-mortar retailers.

And there you have it—traceability throughout the process from harvest to finished goods!

Why the CBD Creation Process Is Important

With no official FDA regulation established, it is extremely important that CBD companies are taking the initiative to ensure that they are supply pure and clean CBD oil and products. "MMG Consumer Brands has sourced and selected a reputable, trusted CBD supplier in the USA," Butera says.