Don't let aches and pains get you down. Our topical pain relievers are here to help support your recovery. Since some like it hot and others like it cold, we offer options with our topical creams and roll-ons to meet your personal preferences. From menthol cold therapy to capsaicin heat therapy, each product is blended with broad-spectrum CBD oil and premium pain-relief ingredients such as arnica and aloe vera for maximum effect.

Why Choose CBD for Pain Relief and Recovery?

Pain is the way our body communicates with us. When we are in pain, our body is telling us that it is damaged and requires our attention. While pain makes us safer, it can be debilitating. Whether you have pain after an injury or chronic pain, you need tools for pain management that are gentle and non-habit-forming.

Pain management is crucial to your health and well-being. CBD is often combined with other techniques for pain relief like yoga, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and hot and cold therapy.

Chronic pain can lead to depression, sleep problems, isolation. and abusing pain medications. Some people even find that chronic pain impairs their ability to think clearly. Finding effective ways to manage your pain matters for your quality of life.

CBD unlocks the power of hemp plants, an ancient healing tool. CBD can help you:

  • Manage everyday stresses
  • Find a sense of calm and relaxation
  • Maintain healthy sleep cycles
  • Support optimal focus
  • Enhance daily wellness

Remember that CBD is not the same as THC. CBD does not have psychoactive effects like THC. In fact, it can improve your cognition.

There are many ways to enjoy the healing power of CBD. From tinctures and softgels to creams and roll-ons, there is a product designed to treat your pain quickly and effectively.

Topical treatments are perfect for localized injuries in joints and muscles. You can apply products like creams and roll-ons directly to the area that is causing you pain for immediate relief.

Oral treatments are great for supporting overall wellness throughout the body. A tincture or oil is taken directly under the tongue or a capsule is fully absorbed by the body for maximum pain relief.

Why Choose KARIBO Life Products?

You can trust that every KARIBO product contains quality ingredients. We provide certificates of analysis from third-party labs so that you can be sure that our products are safe, effective, and free of harmful chemicals.

We do not use heavy metals, sulfates, parabens, artificial colors/dyes, phthalates, GMOs, and titanium dioxide in any of our products. Because we make our products in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility, you can trust that our products have met rigorous quality control standards.

We believe in making our products ethically. Our Colorado farm uses organic farming best practices to grow our hemp plants.

KARIBO Life's CBD Pain Relief Products

Heat Therapy Capsaicin Pain Relief Roll-On

When you want instant pain relief, soothe the injured area with this warming roll-on. This mess-free product helps with pain related to sore and stiff muscles or joints, sprains, bruises, or other injuries. Alternate it with our Cold Therapy Pain Relief Roll-On to get the benefits of hot and cold therapy.

Cold Therapy Pain Relief Roll-On

For those who want cold therapy to treat their pain, try this no-mess roll-on product. Formulated to help with aches and pains, you can use it on any area where you feel pain for immediate relief. Let this roll-on deliver that tingly and cooling feeling that comes from menthol to the area where you hurt.

MintedLeaf Cold Therapy Cream

Get quick relief from your pain with this topical cold therapy menthol cream. Help reduce the pain from whatever ails you with this fast-acting and quick-absorbing cream. Just rub it into the painful area for immediate cooling relief.

Odorless Pain Relief Cream

If you do not like scented products or are looking for a CBD cream that will not interfere with your usual scent profile, this product is for you. Delivers high-quality soothing relief quickly.

Unflavored Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

If you want to benefit from an oral CBD treatment, try this unflavored CBD tincture. Formulated with simple but powerful ingredients, this phytocannabinoid-rich oil will give you the "entourage effect" so that you get the full benefits of CBD.

Lemon Flavored Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

If you like CBD and zingy lemony flavor, this product is for you. Add it to some sparkling water for a soothing and refreshing healthy drink. All of our tinctures are vegan and gluten-free, so they can be enjoyed by anyone.

Mint Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

To support optimal health – and minty fresh breath – take a dropper full on this mint-flavored tincture under your tongue after you brush your teeth in the morning. Mix some into a glass of iced tea to get all the benefits of CBD on a hot afternoon.

Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

For those who want a quick and easy way to enjoy the benefits of CBD but do not enjoy tinctures, our CBD softgels are ideal. Softgels are fully bioavailable just like our tinctures and undergo the same industry-leading quality control measures as all of our other products.